Arundel Dave-O Carbon Bottle Cage – White – NA


Arundel Dave-O Carbon Bottle Cage – White – NA

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The Dave-O Carbon cage, introduced in the spring of 2001, was one of the very first carbon fibre cages Each cage is made in a compression mould. Layers of fabric are placed in the mould by hand, the mould then goes to the press where it is subjected to temperatures around 250 degrees and pressures close to 1000 psi. Not a healthy environment to grow up in, unless you are growing up to be a top quality carbon fibre water bottle cage. Dave-O cages weigh in at 30 grams, and so far have proven to be quite strong, given the fact that they are extremely lightweight. You can use these off road or on, big bottles or regular, your choice. They hold the bottles really well!