Ass Saver Rear Mudguard | Grey


Ass Saver Rear Mudguard | Grey

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Introducing the Ass Saver SmartAss Rear Mudguard. Tired of getting to work and finding that your sitting at your desk with a wet backside? The Smartass Rear mudguard has got you covered. The Mudguard sits neatly underneath your saddle, fitting to the rails effortlessly without the use of an tools. The other useful action that the Ass Saver can perform is, if it has stopped raining you are able to fold the mudguard and place back underneath your saddle for clean and safe storage. The Ass Saver will fit around 80% of all standard saddle rails, making it one of the most universal mudguards on the market. Over all for a portable and easily stored mudguard choose the Ass Saver, which is light weight, foldable and great looking.