Blackburn Barrier Trunk Bag – Black – NA


Blackburn Barrier Trunk Bag – Black – NA

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The Blackburn Barrier Trunk Bag is a compatible bag to use with the innovative interlock design that black burn have to offer. When used with our Interlock racks, bags can be easily installed and secured with a single key, Interlock Rack sold seperatley. Even if yo udon’t have a Blackburnspecific Interlock rack you can still use this bag with any other rear pannier that you wish. The super wide main opening with magnetic fobs makes for easy access and organisatoin of your bag. The bag also features a Waterproof side pocket which is ideal for your smaller quick-to-hand items. The customizable padded interior allows you to sort your bag the way you like it, making it that little bit more personal. With a capacity of 9.5 Litres you are defeintley able to get a whole days worth of riding essentials in there or if you are looking for a bit more storage on your touring bike then the Blackburn Barrier trunk bag is for you.