Blackburn Outpost Fat Bike Rack – NA


Blackburn Outpost Fat Bike Rack – NA

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The Blackburn Outpost Fat Bike Rack is a super versatile rack wit hspecifically designed features to solve fitment problems with Fat Bikes and also standard width bikes. The adjustable features of the rack allow for fitment on many different shapes and sizes of Fat Bike frames. As well as catering for the larger Fat Bikes the rack can also fit on standard sized road and Mountain bike frames. The versatility dosen’t stop there… you are able to mount this rack either on the front or rear of your bike. Construcrted from a strong and lightweight Aluminium the rack can hold and impressive 70lbs and has the capability of fitting on a 26" x 1" wheel/tyre combo to a 29" x 4.0" wheel tyre combo. If you are wanting to travel with your bike then there is only one way to carry your luggage.