Bontrager Travel Charger – NA


Bontrager Travel Charger – NA

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Introducing the Bontrager Travel Charger Pump. This is a handy pump if you are travelling a lot more with your bike, an efficient, high volume and versatile pump. The pump head has the capability of fitting to Presta and Schrader valves, giving it great versatility. A lot of tyres these days can take a high pressures, the Travel Charger can take you through to 100PSi with ease. The foot base to the pump is foldable, compacting its imprint when you need to store the pump away. Coming with a bag the Travel Charger fits neatly away into your garage or tucked away in the boot of your car saving space and keeping it as fresh as possible. The long hose of the pump allows for a hassle free fitment and also saves your valves stems from getting damaged. Overall this is a great little pump that will save your skin more times than not, coming with a neat travel bag and having the capability of compacting down to a smaller size.