Cateye Strada Smart Speed Cadence Sensor | Black


Cateye Strada Smart Speed Cadence Sensor | Black

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Introducing the Cateye Strada Smart with speed and Cadence Sensor. The Strada Smart is able to link your mobile phone to your computer unit, neatly displaying all of the essential readings keeping you up to date with your training and phone. Simply download the Cateye cycling app to your mobile device, set up the Bluetooth mirroring to your Strada Smart unit then you are ready. The data that will be displayed on the unit from your phone is; speed data, mileage data, time data and altitude data (in mirroring mode) these are all recorded on your phone for later use and evaluation which is one of the best features about the Strada Smart. Once you have finished your ride you can easily see your data recorded that can be neatly displayed on your mobile device.