Cateye Volt 100 El 150 Rechargeable Front Light – NA


Cateye Volt 100 El 150 Rechargeable Front Light – NA

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Introducing the Cateye Volt 100 Rc. Cateye’s new affordable, rechargeable and bright light. The Volt 100 produces a constant 100 Lumen Output, this is plenty to get you seen by oncoming traffic, pedestrians and other cyclists. The Volt can reach a brighter Lumen of 150 when in its flashing mode for when you really want to be seen in busy areas and peak traffic. The Flashing mode is one of three modes that the Volt 100 can perform alongside, A high and low setting, for when you need to save some battery life. The Volt 100 offers great side visbility, which is ideal for when riding up to junctions so that the flowing traffic can clearly see you. The easy to fit and secure mount holds the Volt in place and can be used with other cateye lights. The light is USB-rechargeable, which is great for the commuter as you can charge your light whilst you’re at work directly from your computer or a USB wall mount plug. weighing in at 65 grams its light weight and small in size. Overall this is a great light to own if you are finding your self riding to and from work.