Cateye Volt 300/TL Rapid X Rechargeable Light Set


Cateye Volt 300/TL Rapid X Rechargeable Light Set

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Introducing the Cateye Volt 300/TL and Rapid X Rechargeable light set. This is one of the best performing, low value and rechargeable light sets on the market. Whether you are cycling home from work through a busy and lively city to taking a stroll through some quieter lanes in the country. This combination of rechargeable lights brings convenience and easy use, two things you want with a set of lights. The Volt 300 produces, max; 300 Lumens and has 5 modes; High, Medium, Low, Flash and Hyper Constant. The different modes supplied on the light are ideal for different weather situations, time of day or using the low setting to save your battery. The Rapid X rear light produces an eye catching 25 Lumens. The integrated rechargeable battery has a great run time, from 3 to 60 hours depending on the mode that you are using. Between High, low and flash you will always be able to find the right mode for the situation.