Crikey Bikey Learn to Ride Harness


Crikey Bikey Learn to Ride Harness

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The Crikey Bikey harness is an award winning product, invented by 11 year old Sky Ballantyne; It makes learning to ride a bike much more fun. The harness has a handle which sits at the back of the child’s neck, so an adult can run alongside the bike without having to bend over. The child will feel safe and confident because if they wobble, they can feel the security of the harness around them. Learning to ride a bike is stress free and fun with the Crikey Bikey harness. Constructed from a soft and very durable Nylon the harness is comfortable. The harness also features adjustment buckles on each shoulder strap and also reflective detailing on the back and front for visibility reasons. Get your child cycling at an early age with the Crikey Bikey harness.