Deuter Bike Bag IV 1.6 Litre | Black


Deuter Bike Bag IV 1.6 Litre | Black

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Introducing the Deuter Bike bag IV. With their new Klick’n’GO fixing system, Dueter have really hit the nail on the head with this one. Fast and easy mounting system makes for a quick addition to your bike when ever and where ever. The reflective trim comes into its own when darkness falls, making you proud on the roads to vehicles and pedestrians. Additionally you can attach a rear light to the reflective loop which is located on the back of the bag. The Bags offer enough space for tools, spare inner tubes, first aid kit, keys and loose change. There is an expansion zip located on the front of the bag which allows for extra storage. The bag is easy to clean as well, the splash areas have an easy to clean material which makes for minimal care and attention to the bag. Overall this is a great addition to your bike if you find you are going on longer rides and needing more energy bars or a spare tube.