Deuter Cross Bike 18 Backpack | Black/Silver


Deuter Cross Bike 18 Backpack | Black/Silver

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Introducing the Deuter Cross Bike 18 Backpack which is a cycling must have. Featuring all of the essential pockets and adjustment options the Cross bike 18 will make your days cycling that little bit easier. With its new design the Cross Bike definitely stands out from the crowd. Starting off with Deuters famous Airstripes System, which is both comfortable and has great ventilation which keeps you cool when riding. The Layers of knobbly Airmesh foam allow for minimal back contact keeping the airflow at its maximum potential and you as cool as possible. The chest and waist strap both work alongside each other in keeping the bag still on your back, allowing for minimal movement, and to keep your content as still as possible. For when you are off of your bike you can store your helmet in a handy pocket which is located on the front of the back pack. There are two external pockets which are ideal for keeping a spare sports drink bottle or some energy bars for on your ride. The Small front pocket allows you to carry some smaller items, like a multi tool, tube and a pump, the essentials if caught out some where that’s isolated and desolate. There is also a small internal pocket which is great for storing your valuable items such as iPod, house keys and wallet for example.