Deuter Superbike 14 EXP SL Backpack | Blue – One size


Deuter Superbike 14 EXP SL Backpack | Blue – One size

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Introducing the Deuter Superbike 14 EXP SL Backpack. This is the youngest member to the Deuter back pack range and it definitely lives up to its expectations. It comes with an improved back systems compared to its predecessors. The SL means that the back panel is much more suited to a women’s anatomy, meaning that the back panel is slightly shorter which allows for a better fit. Anatomically shaped Auto Compress hip wings with close set anchor points and Pull Forward adjustment for super tight fit. The shoulder and hip belt straps are comfortable and have soft edges so in the hotter weather do not get irritating on the skin. its always annoying when you have to stop to retrieve something from your bag, if its something as small as an energy gel or bar then you can fit it in the handy zipped mesh pockets which are located on the hip belt. This allows for super fast and easy access to your form of energy, or whatever you choose to put in the useful pockets. If you find that you are having to slightly force some items into your bag, you can expand that bag with a zip so that it can withstand bigger loads. this is handy if you find yourself getting hot and you need to strip a lyre off and have limited space in your back pack.