Deuter Superbike 18 EXP Backpack | Green


Deuter Superbike 18 EXP Backpack | Green

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Introducing the Deuter Superbike 18 EXP Backpack. Alongside the Superbike 14 SL this is the youngest member to the Deuter back pack range, and It definitely lives up to the high quality and all round great performing bags that Deuter have made in the past. There are been some improvements made to the bag which make it even better than some of its predecessors. The back panel has been improved to be lighter, more comfortable and more ventilated. The Airstripes system allows for great ventilation and posture, working alongside the back panel are the anatomically shaped Auto-Compress hip wings with set anchor points and sternum strap, these help to keep the back pack in position when tackling tough terrain. Both the Hip and Sternum strap can be easily adjusted with minimal effort for the best fit. For when you need that extra bit of room Deuter have added the expandable section. This is a zip on the bag that when un-zipped increases the volume of the bag, allowing you to place more items in your bag. This is super handy if you need to strip a layer off when you are still riding.