Elite Drivo FE-C Direct Drive Trainer | White

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Elite Drivo FE-C Direct Drive Trainer | White

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The Elite Drivo FE-C Direct Drive Turbo Trainer is the perfect way to achieve precise and accurate data to aid you in training. Featuring a 24 point power measuring system with +/- 1% accuracy for each pedal stroke, the trainer can help you fine tune your pedal strokes. The integrated power measurement system determines the watts expressed as precisely as scientific measuring devices. With a large 6kg flywheel, the Drivo offers smooth pedalling and can replicated sensations of road riding. Offering a super quite ride, the only noise you can hear is your drive train, so there is no chance of annoying the neighbours or waking sleepy children. The electro magnetic resistance, working alongside your Gears, gives a max output of 2000 Watts, simulating a 24% gradient. So for the hard hitting and powerful rider, the Drivo is ideal.