Fizik Cyrano R1 Snake Carbon Handlebar | 440mm

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Fizik Cyrano R1 Snake Carbon Handlebar | 440mm

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The Fi’zi:k Cyrano R1 Snake Carbon Handlebar is the mid-range handlebar. Made from uni-directional carbon, this is both strong and lightweight. Just as your choice of Fi’zi:k Spine Concept saddle shape is guided by your degree of spinal flexibility and subsequent pelvic rotation, Fi’zi:k offers this same Spine Concept guideline to help you choose your most comfortable road handlebar shape. These products are being ridden at UCI World Tour level by AG2R Pro Cycling Team. The application of The Spine Concept to handlebar shape is the result of fi’zi:k’s research with riders of 3 UCI World Tour Teams that were riding Fi’zi:k saddles. A correlation was found between the saddle shape each rider was using and the handlebar shape they were riding.