FWE Three Bike Car Rack | Black


FWE Three Bike Car Rack | Black

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Introducing the FWE Three bike Car rack. This is a universal three bike car rack that can fit to almost any car with the exclusions of convertibles and cars with rear spoilers. The rack can hold most types of bike with ease from the larger 29er bikes, small children’s bikes, Womens step through through and smaller frame sizes may require additional accessories such as a bike beam, with a maximum weight of 45kg for 3 bikes. The bikes attach to the rack by tough rubber pads which sit on a rubber base pad with a fixing strap to hold the bike securely during transit. 6 straps mount the rack to the car securely, made from 1”x1.4 (Dia. x thickness of tube) which makes for a strong and sturdy hold. The rack is provided with removable foam pads which can be placed on the frame or forks to separate them during transit to prevent the risk of damage to frame paint work, additional straps are provided to hold the bike to rack for additional secure hold.