Garmin Varia Bike Lightset

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Garmin Varia Bike Lightset

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The Garmin Varia Light Set is the ideal combo if you are looking for the best Garmin night riding experience. The new Varia smart bike lights help to create a safer riding by adjusting to the changing light conditions as well as bike speed thanks to its seamless integration with select Edge computers. The lights almost have a mind of their own. As you speed increases, the headlight, automatically tilts upwards to project light where it’s needed most. As well as the front light adjusting the back does too, When deceleration is detected, the tail light will change its brightness to alert traffic behind that a cyclist is near and slowing. As ambient light fades or gets brighter both the headlight and the tail light adjust automatically when paired with a light sensing edge computer meaning that you will hardly have to stop to change settings and so on. Getting the pair of Garmin lights is a great ideal, especially if you have one of the compatible light sensing Edge units (Edge 1000 and 520) which work hand in hand in keeping you seen at night.