Garmin Varia Tail light

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Garmin Varia Tail light

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The Garmin Varia Tail Light is the future in rear lights and will provide you with a safe riding experience. The new Varia smart bike light will help to create safer riding by adjusting to the changing light conditions as well as bike speed thanks to its seamless integration with select Edge computers (Edge1000 and 520). The light almost has a mind of its’s own. When deceleration is detected, the tail light will change its brightness to alert traffic behind that a cyclist is near and slowing. As ambient light fades or gets brighter the rear light will adjust automatically when paired with a light sensing edge computer meaning that you will barely have to stop to change settings and so on. The light works well on its own but really stands out from the rest when you can link it with one of the compatible computers. Stay seen at night with the Garmin Varia rear light.