Hiplok Pop Cable Lock | Pink/Other


Hiplok Pop Cable Lock | Pink/Other

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The Hiplok Pop Cable Lock is a simple yet effective idea for security. Normally mounting a lock to the frame will be awkward and also add weight to the bike making it handle and feel different. Whereas if you wrap it around your waist you save space in your bag, weight from off of your bike and there are no ugly mounts on your bike either. The Pop’s idea is simple and really easy to use, this however does not make it easy to get into for the thieves. The fastening system for the lock allows you to have all the room you need so the lock is not wrapped around you too tight making it uncomfortable. This lock is perfect as a primary lock in a low risk area, getting the whole bike together from the back wheel through the frame to the front wheel. If you are in a high risk area then a secondary larger lock would be recommended as you never know what these thieves will be using next!