HOY Bonaly 24 Inch Kids Bike | Red – 24 Inch wheel


HOY Bonaly 24 Inch Kids Bike | Red – 24 Inch wheel

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HOY Bonaly 24 Inch Kids Bike. A real, small mountain bike for young explorers. Named after the area at the foothills of the Pentlands where Sir Chris ventured off-road for the first time and encouraging that same sense of freedom and adventure, the Bonaly 24 is a go-anywhere bike. It isn’t weighed down by ineffective and heavy suspension forks, instead we keep the weight low and work on the riding position and handling to help smaller riders manage the bike as easily as possible whether on or off-road. With a rigid fork made to our required dimensions and short crank arms we can get the frame as low as possible for greater stability and ease of manoeuvring, as well as a better fit. The parts list keeps the weight low and the gears are Shimano 8-speeds with a wide-ratio rear block. Less confusion, one less click to get from top to bottom gears, no dropped chains and simpler to use all-round. The Kenda Small Block 8 tyres are perfect for mixed terrain use and mid-length v-brakes balance brake power well with the small levers. The colours? Taken from Sir Chris’s BMX team jersey from his younger days when his bike was in the air more often than it was later in his career.