Knog The Face Rear – Black – NA


Knog The Face Rear – Black – NA

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Product Description

The Face Rear light is a wide angled light that has been designed to catch peoples attention. With an amazing battery life and battery technology you can squeeze as much light out of it as possible. From 5 hours to 76 hours all depending on what modes you use, you can choose the mode to suit the conditions you are riding in or to suit the remaining battery you have left. The light is USB rechargeable, which means that you will be able to charge it at work from your laptop, computer or a USB wall charger. The light seamlessly wraps around aero-shaped Seatposts with a diameter from 22mm to 32mm+ making it easy to swap between bikes. the silicone straps used for the fixing of the light can interchangeable, so when they are looking a little old you can swap them for a brand new set. With a simple one button layout the light is super easy to navigate. One long hold the light will turn on and short presses will change the modes. The light has been designed to provide maximum brightness level for 90%of the battery burn time for each mode. This means that the last 10% of battery is conserved so that it lasts as long as possible before it runs out of juice. Knog have designed the perfect commuting partner to aid you in getting from A to B.