Light and Motion Vis 180 Micro Rear Light – NA


Light and Motion Vis 180 Micro Rear Light – NA

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The Light and Motion Vis 180 Micro Rear light is the little brother from the Vis 180. The Vis 180 Micro is all about offering the most amount of safety in one compact minimal light. This is a re-chargeable tail light that puts out up to 25 Lumens and with it’s optimised reflection inside and the red and amber lights, this offers 180 degree visibility. The 25 Lumen output is FL-1 Standard certified. This light has been made with CREE LED’s and enhanced firmware for the best quality lighting, with dual LED array which maximises its visibility, you will be seen from 180 degrees. The mount to fit on the bike is easy to use and also tool free, once on you can easily remove and clip onto a bag or pannier bag if needs be. To get full charge the light only has to be on charge for 2.5 hours, perfect for when you are at work, all you have to do is plug it in wait until you finish work then off you go. The battery life of this light is really good as well, HiPulse: 6h00 / 25, LoPulse: 12h00 / 13 Solid: 4h00 / 25. In summary this little light is really handy if you are commuting to and from work.