MET Corso Helmet | Yellow – M

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MET Corso Helmet | Yellow – M

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As an urban rider, you demand safety and affordability, but also style and comfort. When tire meets street, the best of both worlds is a must. For everyday riding, you have to think of your helmet as an accessory. Aerodynamic and performance sit side-by-side with elegance and versatility. A compact and stylish design is accompanied by two visor option, rigid and soft cap, to match your business or casual style.Manholes, rails and drivers are your biggest obstacles. An extended shell on the side and the back of the helmet without sacrificing compactness assist in providing an extra level of safety. Working often means early mornings and late evenings. In the darkness, having a rear strap anchor and reflective stickers is a necessity. In addition, the MET Corso Helmet has a mounted LED Light that will be noticed by even the most distracted drivers.