Niterider Mako 100/TL 5.0 Combo Set | Black

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Niterider Mako 100/TL 5.0 Combo Set | Black

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The Niterider Mako 100 is a great safety light with many features that will keep you seen on the road users and pedestrians. Niterider understand lights are an integral part of your daily commute. Using a light can mean the difference between being seen or not by automobile drivers. Many of the entry level commuter lights are nothing more than ”be seen” lights. Your overall safety and visibility should not be limited by your budget, that’s why Niterider created the Mako Series. The Mako 100 offers 100 lumens, not only allowing you to be seen, but allowing the you to see as well. one of the best features of the 100 are the side ”gills” that emit a red light, which not only looks cool, but makes you much more visible. You can choose out 3 settings which one suits the conditions you are riding in, High, low and Flashing.