Pinnacle Californium Mudguard Set | Cream


Pinnacle Californium Mudguard Set | Cream

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Introducing the Pinnacle Californium Mudguard Set (For 2014 models). Keep clean and dry when riding in wet conditions, stop the annoying and inevitable spray from your tyres from occurring with the Californium Mudguard set. This set of mudguards are specific to the Pinnacle Californium bikes and are colour specific too. Keep your bike co-ordinated with the two colours that the Californium was released in, Red and Blue. If you have a newer model Californium then there is a 2014 set of Californium Mudguard which are a slightly different shade of Blue and red. Stop that annoying tyre spray from coating your back and face with rain and puddle water with the Pinnacle Californium Mudguard set.