RRP Enduroguard | Red – Standard


RRP Enduroguard | Red – Standard

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Introducing The RRP Enduroguard. This compact and super-lightweight effective Mudguard is a versatile little one, having the capability of fitting to your forks or the rear of your bike stopping both tyres spray. The Enduroguards come in two different sizes, Standard and Large and these are ideal for, Downhill bikes, Gravity Enduro, Cross Country and 4X. The Standard size will fit forks from 80mm to 120mm travel and the large will cater for the bigger forks that are from 130mm to 200mm travel. Please Note: the guard does not fit all forks, check compatibility before purchasing. Unlike other guards of this kind, EnduroGuard features SealGuard which helps prevent mud and water sitting on your fork seals helping to prolong their life and service intervals. The Guard can be cleaned easily with just some hot water to remove any dirt. Coming in 5 colours you have can find the colour which suits your bikes aesthetics.