SKS Airchamp Pro Inflator


SKS Airchamp Pro Inflator

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Introducing the SKS Airchamp Pro Inflator. If you have ever had an unlucky pleasure of repairing a punctured tube whilst out and far away from civilisation then pumping up a new tube could take you a while. The Airchamp Pro offers an easy to use, single hand operation which results in you having enough air in your tyres. There is a handy lock on switch, that is there to stop prevent an unintended release, which could result in the waste of a canister. The head of the pump, where the valve goes in is reversible which makes it capable of inflating inner tubes with either Presta or Schrader fitments. It can take any 16gram cartridge (threaded/un-threaded) and is perfect to keep in the back pocket of your jersey or to attach to your bike by fitting underneath your bottle cage with the fittings supplied. Over all this cartridge dispenser is a must have if you find yourself out on your bike for most of the day as it will soon save your day.