SKS USP Workshop Suspension Pump


SKS USP Workshop Suspension Pump

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Introducing the USP Professional Suspension Pump made by SKS. Being Constructed from T-3103 Aluminium it means that this pump is strong and lightweight making for a much more comfortable experience with the pump. The precision gauge has a division of 0.2 Bar, this means that you will always be able to see within 0.2 bar of your desired pressure, making it easier for you to reach it. If you have pumped too much pressure into your shock, then there is a simple and easy to use pressure release button, this allows you to be a lot more accurate in how much pressure you are pumping into your shocks. Coming in a high quality great looking wooden box you will be able to store the USP safely without having to worry about damage or losing any of the added connection parts. This is great addition to a work shop or at home in your garage if you are a keen and budding cycling enthusiast.