Tacx Blue Twist Trainer

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Tacx Blue Twist Trainer

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The Tacx Blue Twist Trainer is the bas model that Tacx produce, however the Blue twist has all of the foundation features that make Tacx stand out from the crowd. The Blue Twist has the same resistance unit as the Blue Matic, but does not have a handlebar resistance lever. You manually set the resistance, selecting one of the seven positions using a switch on the brake. The magnetic brake has a simpler braking system and is therefore ideal for straightforward training sessions such as warming up before a race and endurance training. The road is simulated using different positions that you adjust yourself. Looking at keeping shape this winter while the cold settles in outside? or even just want to get an hours worth of training in when you get home from work? then this is the trainer for you. With a Maximum resistance of 700W this trainer will better your fitness and also keep you ahead of your game.