Tacx Bushido Smart Trainer | One size


Tacx Bushido Smart Trainer | One size

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Introducing the Tacx Bushido Smart Trainer. This innovative design is the new way to train, supplying you with some of the toughest outdoor cycling all in the comfort of your own house. Its technically revolutionary design only goes to confirm why Tacx leads the way in the world of trainers. The Bushido is entirely wireless, you do not need to plug it into the grid. Demanding cyclists can now ride wherever they want in the world, indoors and outdoors. But that is not all there is to the Bushido. Located on the trainer are LED bulbs which light up in either green or red to show your intensity levels, green for low and red for high intensity. This is a great way to stay on top of your pedal strokes, as you will be able to see which stroke is more dominant and which ones is weaker. This in turn forces you to adapt your pedal strokes to ensure that you are getting an even spread of power through both pedals.