Tate Labs The Bar Fly Cateye Mount | Black


Tate Labs The Bar Fly Cateye Mount | Black

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Introducing the Tate Labs The Bar Fly Cateye mount is the only out front for cateye computers, giving it a clear advantage over any other mount that is compatible with most wireless Cateye computersCompatible with the following wireless CATEYE Cycling computers. CC-GL50 ”Stealth 50”, CC-GL10 ”Stealth 10”, CC-PD100 ”Fit”, CC-MC200W ”Micro Wireless”, CC-VT220W ”Urban Wireless”, CC-RD300W ”Strada Wireless”, CC-RD310W ”Strada Slim”, CC-RD400DW ”Strada Double Wireless”, CC-RD410DW ”Strada Digital Wireless”, CC-RD420DW ”Strada Digital Wireless”, CC-RD430DW ”Strada Digital Wireless”, CC-COM10W ”Commuter”. This mount is intended for everyone, from recreational cyclists, enthusiasts and professionals. Have your computer in the most comfortable position without having to put a strain on your neck.