Topeak Defender Set M1/XC11 – 29"

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Topeak Defender Set M1/XC11 – 29"

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Introducing the Topeak Defender Set M1/XC11 – 29”. The M1 is compatible with all fork types including tapered steerers as the unique quick release attachment system integrates seamlessly. The main body of the mudguard is constructed from a stiff engineering grade of plastic and the support frame is made from a soft flexible materials at both trailing ends. This allows for a strong yet flexible base so if you were to fall off the bike the mudguard will be able to flex with the crash which dramatically decreases the chance of the mudguard cracking or braking. The rear mudguard, XC11, is constructed from the same strong, flexible and durable materials and also has the ability to adjust to the shape of your bike for maximum tyre coverage. With a simple design the mudguard looks good on all bikes.