Topeak Joe Blow Race Track Pump | Red

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Topeak Joe Blow Race Track Pump | Red

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Introducing the Topeak Joe Blow Race Track Pump. A quick and simple pump to use with the versatile capability to inflate a tube with either a Schrader, Presta or Dunlop valves. The Joe Blow is a well renowned track pump in the cycling industry and comes equipped with all the essentials and easy to use features which makes pumping up your tyres effortless. The Joe Blow has a SmartHead with an air release button to allow for precise air tunning, achieving a near on perfect tyre pressure with no hassle. The pump holds a sturdy position on the floor thanks to its wide Tri-foot base, which allows you to stand on the base of the pump for maximum efficiency when pumping. An oversized handle and a top mounted pressure gauge make for comfortable and accurate outcome. This track pump can inflate tyres to a maximum pressure of 200 PSi, which is more than most tyres commonly used on bicycles. The Joe Blow Race is capable of catering for the specialist to the family of all ages. Overall this track pump can save you time and effort and also reach those specialist tyre pressures that most pumps can’t.