Topeak Torq Wrench & Bit Set 6,6Nm W/4 Bits


Topeak Torq Wrench & Bit Set 6,6Nm W/4 Bits

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The Topeak Torq Wrench set is a simple and easy to use compact torque wrench. When it comes to tightening bolts on your bike, whether it’s a Road Bike or a BMX bike, you need to make sure that the bolts are torqued to the correct tension. Over tightening and under tightening can lead to replacing parts which can sometimes mean spending a fair amount of money. The Wrench set comes with 4 other fittings to cope with different sized bolts. The ergonomic handle of the wrench makes for a comfortable hold and means you are able to place the correct amount of pressure on the wrench without over doing it. The Torque wrench comes in two different Newton-Metre options, 5 and 6Nm.