VDO M2 Cycle Computer


VDO M2 Cycle Computer

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Introducing the VDO M2 Wired Cycling Computer. All the simple yet effective bike functions can be found on the M2, which makes it a really easy to get on with and simple to use. The large screen displays easy to read digits so your eyes are never off the road for long, keeping concentration levels at a max. The Screen only ever displays on piece of data at a time so that you do not get confused with the figures. The VDO M2 has 7 pre-set selectable languages, DE/GB/FR/IT/ES/NL/PL making it user friendly in most places that you travel too. The computer has five functions: speed, ride time, trip distance, total distance and time. Plus, the average and maximum speed and total ride time. These functions will help you train and beat your goals as you’ll always have something to compare against. Overall this is a great computer to start out with due to its pure simplicity.