Abus Bordo 6500 Smartx 110cm Folding Lock


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A HIGH-SECURITY LOCK IN A CLASS OF ITS OWNCapable of withstanding even the most determined of attacks: the BORDO SmartX Folding Lock is worthy of many superlatives.The BORDO 6500A Smart X Folding Lock is the next level of high tech bike security. 5.5mm bars manufactured from specially hardened steel and connected with special rivets which offer protection against even the most determined of attacks. The ABUS Link Protection Shield ensures that these rivets are not only flexible but also extremely resistant to attacks involving sawing. The encrypted Bluetooth connection with your phone use a military level of security. The combination has earned the BORDO GRANIT XPlus™ 6500 Folding Lock as phenomenal top score of 15 in the ABUS Security Level System. 5.5 mm bars with soft two-component casing to prevent damage to paintwork SmartX™ locking system with Bluetooth – high-quality keyless locking offers user-friendly operation Alarm function with at least 100 dB for 15 seconds followed by automatic reactivation 3D Position Detection – detects vibrations and the smallest movement in all three dimensions and triggers the alarm Smart alarm – the lock only emits a small warning beep in the event of minor and brief vibrations e.g. if a football bounces against the bike USB-C port App connection Location storage of the bike’s last parking location LED light shows battery- and charging-status


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