Abus Cable Lock Numerino 5412c 85cm 2022


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AN EVERYDAY CABLE LOCK The ABUS Cable Lock Numerino 5412C is modest and flexible: at 85 cm long and with a practical combination lock you can quickly and discreetly secure your bike and in doing so deterring casual thieves. It may be components that are to be attached to the bicycle or the bike itself which must be secured against theft for a short time in everyday life. Because of its low security level and low weight the ABUS Cable Lock Numerino 5412C is often used as a second lock. Its 370 g weight is barely noticeable so you can carry it in addition to your main lock. Technology: 12 mm thick high-quality steel cable Plastic coating to prevent damage to the bicycle’s paintwork Dark-touch function enables use in the dark thanks to special number embossing Two-component number reels ensure long-term readability of the digits The number code can be set individually Operation and use: Great protection where there is a low risk of theft Ideal for protecting low-range bicycles and children’s bikes Transport: Can be used with combination snap cage bracket (SCMU) Tips: Cable locks are characterised by good flexibility and relatively low weight The combination lock is particularly well suited for use by several people


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