Abus Chain Bag ST 250 – N/A


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About the Chain Bag ST 2250 This is a frame bag for every day and leisure use transporting chains, the Abus Chain Bag ST 2250. It is easily mounted using velcro straps. The bag is very well suited to transport ABUS bicycle chain-lock combinations up to a length of 110 cm. Key Features Velcro straps for easy mounting This bag is designed for every day and leisure use About the Brand ABUS keep supplying people with innovative security technologies, since 1924. Whether you want to secure your bike against theft, protect your head in a fall with a bike helmet or simply transport a few items without damaging them. ABUS consistently provides the right solution for bicycle security and transportation. From basic protection to high-tech locks to protect you against theft. Or from the first bike helmet for your child to helmets for professional cyclists. Or from the wide range of sportive, elegant and functional bike bags. Bicycle Locks Buying Guide