Abus Steel-o-chain 4804c 75cm 2022


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AUTOMATIC PROTECTION WITH JUST ONE CLICKThis bike lock has a practical automatic closing function. This makes locking quick and easy without the need for a key. The Chain Lock Steel-O-Chain™ 4804K is the perfect choice when time is of the essence. The automatic cylinder allows the bike to be locked without a key. Simply open the lock and press the locking bolt into the lock body – job done. The bike lock is ideal for securing low-cost bikes and children’s bikes in areas with a low risk of theft.Technology:4 mm thick square chain with textile sleeve that prevents damage to paintworkThe chain is made of specially hardened steelOperation and use:Basic protection at low theft riskRecommended for securing low-range bicycles and children’s bikesTransport:Easy to transport around the seat postFor protected transportation we recommend for example the frame bags ST 2012 or ST 2200Tips:Very easy handling because the lock can also be clicked shut without needing to insert the key


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Product GTIN: 04003318716171