Arundel Bando Bottle Cage


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The Bando combines the security and styling of our top of the line Mandible with the affordability of our entry level cages. The Bando Cage allows the user to adjust the level of bottle cage security to match the ease of use desired by selecting one of the two different silicone rubber included. The cage functions normally with no band. The bottle releases with the gentlest of tugs and flows out of the cage. Of course security is at a minimum so this setting is only recommended for casual riding. With the Thin Band installed you can expect the bottle holding security that Arundel is known for. The grip level is just below our top model of cage the Mandible. For more extreme riding conditions or applications use the Thick Band. The cage becomes a fortress unlikely to give up a bottle without a fight. Certainly among the most secure bottle cages ever made.


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