Batavus 2020 Hybrid Bike – Grey


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About the Batavus Mercury The Mercury is the ideal multisport bike that takes the best from the racing bike and the mountain bike. The bike lends itself to a very varied terrain; both asphalt, dirt roads and forest. Mercury is therefore perfect for adventures where you never know where the next turn will go. Mercury is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, which ensure accurate and powerful braking, which is especially important when driving in hilly ground, in gravel or when wet. It gives the rider a better control over the bike and the driving experience is far better with these particular brakes. The bike comes with monitors mounted, which also makes the bike easy and convenient to use as an everyday bike. The bike comes in a matte gray paint finish which is of particularly high quality. In addition, the bike is styled with delicious yellow color details to create a nice contrast, which helps to highlight the bike"s racing expression. Mercury comes with 10 exterior gears and Shimano Deore rear derailleur, which keeps the weight down and ensures you can get good speed on the bike. When you choose a Mercury, you get a super bold all around bike that combines speed and road and nature and technology. The bike is for the days when you can never be sure where the ride is leading you, but need a bike that is ready for it all. About Batavus It is in Batavus" DNA that we produce quality bicycles. And for Batavus, the design of the bikes means just as much as the quality. In Denmark we sell the Danish collection, as well as selected models from the Dutch collection. Part of our design vision is that each Batavus bike has its own character, along with good comfort and quality. Batavus is an environmentally conscious organization and the factory in the Netherlands has a unique and eco-friendly coating procedure. The paint shop has its own water treatment plant and all the paints we use are also water based. Bike Sizing Choosing the bike size depends on the type of