Batavus Vintage 2020 Women"s Hybrid Bike – Grey


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About the Batavus London London vintage is for the retriever. It is made of steel, which gives it its classic retrolook. Namely, steel has the advantage that the frame can be designed with thinner tubes than is possible with aluminum. This creates the classic lightweight retro look with the thin elegant frame. The other parts of the bike are made of aluminum so that it is easy to maintain. In addition, it comes with 7 internal gears, which also help to maintain maintenance. London Vintage also comes with nice leather handles and saddle which help reinforce the retro look. In addition, the bike is equipped with both foot brake for hand brake type of rim brake. The rim brake ensures that the weight of the bike does not get too high, as rim brakes are lighter than other braking systems. In addition, it is easier to work with rim brakes if you have your hands on properly and can get out of fixing your bike yourself. London Vintage comes in a set, women"s and men"s bike, in a beautiful black Blackpurple paint. The black color has a warm undertone, which plays beautifully in the light, along with the metallic effect. The women"s bike also comes in a concrete gray that plays beautifully with the darker leather parts. And in a classic deep red, with bright leather details. London Vintage is the bike for those who love the retro look and would like a stable and comfortable bike to ride small cozy walks in the city and in parks. About Batavus It is in Batavus" DNA that we produce quality bicycles. And for Batavus, the design of the bikes means just as much as the quality. In Denmark we sell the Danish collection, as well as selected models from the Dutch collection. Part of our design vision is that each Batavus bike has its own character, along with good comfort and quality. Batavus is an environmentally conscious organization and the factory in the Netherlands has a unique and eco-friendly coating procedure. The paint shop has its own water treatment plant and al