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About the Bikeshield Full Pack Frame Protector Set Nothing is more frustrating than the first scratch on your bike. Even more if you are thinking about selling it at the end of the season. Bikeshield protections provide a peace of mind, which will not only preserve the original state of your bike, but also help with cleaning it. The Bikeshield invisible film is really a stone guard to protect your bike. Mud, rocks, and leaves don't stick to the protective film. Every bike owner deserves to have a machine they find visually pleasing. So whatever you ride – road bike, hybrid, mountain bike or cruiser – Bikeshield protections will give them all the love they deserve! Every kit bought has been meticulously put together for easy installation. Every box includes a very clear instruction pamphlet. This pack includes 10 pieces of clear film, which are shaped to cover specific parts of the frame. The film is clear, so the effect is discreet and won't spoil the look of your bike. Easy to remove should you need to. Key Features Ultra-tough protection which is self-healing when cut Easy to apply or remove by hand and leaves no sticky residue This long-lasting film is Invisible on the bike and will not yellow with age This protection weighs too little for you to even notice. About the Brand The same way passions unite people, it was a common passion that brought them together. The Bikeshield Protection Group Inc. was born from a shared vision in the exhilarating pulse of the bicycle industry. Having the opportunity to protect and personalize their clients' bicycles not only makes them happy but they feel it is their privilege. They can help to protect and mould your trusted steed to fit your personality and riding style.