Cateye Cateye Volt 100XC / Orb Light Set – Black


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About the Cateye Volt 100XC / ORB The Volt100XC is a feather light option for commuters, or other riders looking for an affordable way to illuminate a dark street or bike path. Key Features Volt 100XC Compact and lightweight rechargeable headlight (100 lm) USB direct rechargeable Lithium-ion battery Low battery indicator 2 light modes Charging time: 1. 5h Orb Lens functions as push-button Robust aluminum body Versatile rubber strap mount About Cateye Since their founding some 60 years ago, Cateye have maintained a philosophy of contributing to society by creating new value for safety, health, and the environment. While working as a development-oriented manufacturer in the field of recursive reflectors, lights, computers for cycle sports, and traffic equipments. Cateye have brought to market a range of products in our effort to add new value by combining production technologies nurtured over the years with state of-the-art optical molding and electronics technologies. Inspired by the requests and expectations of our customers, we have established a precise customer support system for each region by developing a global sales network early in our history. This network has allowed us to provide more people with more enjoyment through our products. These efforts have earned Cat Eye the trust and high expectations of customers around the world. Bike Lights Buying Guide