Cateye Sync Wearable Rear Light – 40 Lumen – Black/Red


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The Cateye Sync Wearable 40 Lumen Rear Light, is a clever rear light that sync's with your other lights on your bike, meaning you can turn it on and off and synchronise the flash timing of the rear lights for improved visibility to other road users, day or night, in one touch of a button. Of course this is all customisable on your smartphone with the Sync app, just simply download the app and you can …. – Monitor 7 lights – If you want to, exclude or include modes that you do or do not want – Sync rear lights so they flash in unison – Look at battery levels for all lights communicated through the Sync Core front light switch – Look at connectivity levels so you're not worrying about whether your lights still lit up – Even includes a find me mode, which tells you which rear light needs charging if you are using more than 1 of the same light