Charge Spoon Cromo Saddle Black


  The Charge Spoon Saddle is extremely popular for all XC Enduro and Road riders. Why? Because it is extremely comfortable. The longer you ride in this saddle the more you'll appreciate it. No more numbing pain on your sit bones.  It's light too at just 285g. Charge have put a lot of thought into the design of the Spoon saddle. It's a mid-width saddle with a pressure relief channel that also keeps the blood flowing to your legs. The shape is very supportive with the sweep towards the rear and drop at the nose. This nose has enough width to allow you to shift forwards on steep climbs or when you're really powering along – you can alter your riding position. It's durable too the Spoon will perform for a long time. It's simply fantastic and at this price point… untouchable. Just look at the positive reviews it receives. Key Features: Usage: XC Enduro Road Cycling Weight: 285g Design: Mid-width saddle with pressure relief channel Width: 145mm Length: 280mm


Product GTIN: 00038675117983