DT Swiss Swiss ARC 1400 Dicut 80mm Clincher Disc Brake 700c Road Bike Front Wheel – Black


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Developed in partnership with top aerodynamic research company Swiss Side this wheel has been optimized to sustain the least amount of drag in two key areas; translational drag experienced as bike and rider cut through the air and rotational drag the friction experienced by the wheel as is rotates through the air. Through pioneering rotation simulation in a wind tunnel, using a specifically designed wheel stand to exclude the bearings from testing, DT discovered 25% of overall wheel drag can be attributed to rotational drag. As most manufacturers research and design only for translational drag this is one of the most underrated factors in the aerodynamic optimization of wheels. Deeper wheels create less drag and the 80mm rim depth ensures this benefit is fully realized in the fastest ARC rim option, a 17mm internal rim width compliments this path of least resistance and is ideal for 23c and 25c tyres. The lightweight 240 hub body has been refined with flanges minimalized to create the most aerodynamic profile; a Ratchet System 18 freehub is fitted to the rear wheel providing a simultaneous engagement mechanism which is light, reliable and easy to service. Every component in this wheel has a considered drag reduction approach no matter how small and insignificant it might seem as evidenced by the internalized spoke nipples that have been specified to reduce the rotational drag by 4%. By approaching aerodynamics in such a meticulous way DT Swiss have separated themselves from the completion so you can too.