DT Swiss Swiss PRC 1400 Spline 35 Clincher Rim Brake 700c Front Wheel – Black

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Real world race speed born directly out of four years development in the pro peloton. DT Swiss have innovated their own proprietary carbon technology for the 35mm deep rims working with three main targets: weight, stiffness and heat resistance. By placing continuous carbon fibers in the direction of the experienced wheel loads stiffness has been increased without adding more material and therefore weight. Heat resistance has also been improved by developing a unique carbon resin alongside the wheel makers exclusive long-term composite supplier. Power transfer has improved through reworking the hub in meticulous detail, this led engineers to increase the flange distance and spoke angle; the result is an increase in rear wheel lateral stiffness of 15% versus the 2013 model giving more forward thrust to the rider. The characteristic clack of DTs Ratchet System freehub sounds out 36-points of engagement contained within a light, reliable and easy to service hub shell. Although DT Swiss PRC wheels may give up small amounts of speed to the more aero focused ARC line they offer a more robust build and wider rims optimized to support 25c tyres. What this means is that you get great handling, speed and reliability even when road and weather conditions are less than ideal.