Electra EBC93 3I 2020 HYbrid Bike


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About the Electra EBC 93 3IAttitude Cruisers are inspired by things that go fast, even if you're in the mood for a slow roll. To celebrate our 25th Anniversary, the EBC '93 takes inspiration from the first car in the BMW Art Car Series designed by Alexander Calder. It includes a hydroformed bullet tank frame, bold colors and the race team number 93. This is one to add to the collection. You appreciate things that go fast, custom cars and beautiful bikes. You enjoy driving, but sometimes just want to take it easy and cruise on two wheels. The fat balloon tires and 3-speed internal gearing are just right to get you where you need to go and arrive in style. The race-inspired details of the EBC '93 includes an aluminum bullet tank frame, a custom paint job with painted rims, and Schwalbe Fat Frank 26" tires. The Shimano Nexus internal 3-speed gearing is paired with a Revo shifter and front mechanical disc brake as well as a rear coaster brake. The EBC '93 is a bike for those who truly appreciate the details of design. This limited edition bike rides smooth and features quality components that complement the care that went into crafting it. Key Features Just like the original BMW art car, we consider the EBC '93 a work of art. Flat Foot Technology provides signature Electra comfort and control. Any bike can get you from A to B, but this cruiser gets the job done with extra style and plenty of personality. About Electra At Electra, we are inspired by those who ride our bikes. By the artistry of our culture. And the details that surround us. We started this company with the idea that we could always do better. Better than what was out there. Better than what weve done in the past. Because we believe in the power of forward motion. We believe that true innovation is what ultimately sets us apart. And we believe in the power of different. The way we see it, if you always take the same path, you are always going to end up in the exact same place. So, we explore, we