Elite Ala Resin Bottle Cage – Black/White


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About the Elite Ala Resin Bottle Cage ALA is the new entry in Elite's range of highly-resistant fibreglass reinforced bottlecages. Characterised by a dynamic design available in three different artworks, to suit any frame, ALA features a structure developed to embrace the bottle in its upper part, as if two wings were ready to unfold and expand on any course. It's a sophisticated yet athletic solution to have great bottle retention on any terrain. Available in three graphic artworks with a strong aesthetic impact, the ALA bottlecage features an elegant and modern design, created to make it easier and more ergonomic to extract and insert the bottle, even when there's not much room on the frame. The new design features two wing-shaped arms connected in the front, created to envelop the bottle in its upper part, thus enhancing the retention abilities of the bottle under any circumstance, such as high speed descents or off-road courses. Weighing only 39 gr, ALA is a bottlecage designed to ensure lightness on your bicycle while maintaining reliable performances thanks to its variable sections structure, relieved of excess material and reinforced in those areas subject to most stress. About Elite When ten of the eighteen World Tour teams use your bottles and cages, you know you're onto something. And add that to making the most technologically advanced turbo trainers on the market and it's clear why Elite are a favourite brand of the pros. When you can make the world's most accurate power meter-based turbo trainer but also the lightest and most environmentally friendly bike bottle on the market, you know you're getting things right at both ends of the spectrum. Nutrition Buying Guide